Raksystems Group's responsible way of work.

Wellbeing for Properties, People and the Environment.

Sustainable practices contribute to the wellbeing of the environment and the safety and health of both buildings and their occupants. Our vision is to become the European leader in sustainable built environment.

Our Sustainability Focus Areas

Hyvinvoiva kiinteistö

Our services have a major positive impact on property wellbeing

Our work contributes to building, renovating and managing healthy properties. We develop our expertise and services continuously, engage with our stakeholders regularly and increase our customers’ understanding of sustainable practices and properties.

Hyvinvoiva ihminen

Our expertise ensures people’s health and safety

Our actions contribute to people’s health, safety and productivity across the Nordics. Inspiring company culture, personnel development and employee wellbeing are our highest priorities. We demand responsible operations throughout our value chain.

Hyvinvoiva ympäristö

Our actions reduce emissions and prevent biodiversity loss

Our services help developers, property managers and homeowners reduce greenhouse gas emissions and biodiversity loss. We aim for net zero in our own operations by 2025 and assess our environmental impact yearly.

Committed to UN Sustainable Development Goals

We are committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We have identified four primary goals that are present in all our services, divisions and daily activities. Through these goals, we have a positive impact on the planet and society.

We improve energy efficiency and promote the use of renewable energy, helping our customers reach their climate goals

We promote inclusive and sustainable growth by employing over 700 professionals in Finland and Sweden. This impact is amplified through our partner value chain.

We build and maintain healthy and sustainable properties. Our services and expertise contribute to inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable cities.

The wellbeing of the environment is at the core of our services. We aim to have a significant positive impact on climate and biodiversity.

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