Raksystems Group's responsible way of work.

A Responsible expert organization for properties and people.

Responsibility is part of our company’s everyday life and our future plans.

Responsibility is our permanent way of working. It is our everyday procedure when confronting customers and colleagues, and also when operating in the field as an expert. Responsibility is therefore part of our everyday life and shows in our every action and our future plans.

The wellbeing of our properties influences our surroundings, the economy, and also the occupants’ health.

Everyone needs a home. A place to be and live. The responsibility of Raksystems is literally built on a foundation, as our job is to take care of the conditions of our properties. Our mission is to be the guardian of our national treasure and the best friend of the users of properties.

We spend on average 8 hours per day at work and a large part of our day at home, sleeping, etc. We spend as much as 90% of our days indoors, so the indoor air at our workplace and home, as well as the wellbeing of the buildings themselves, have a direct impact on the users’ health, the health of our surroundings and our national debt. According to the report Rakennetun omaisuuden tila – ROTI 2019 in Finland, 45% of our national wealth is committed to buildings. This amounts to some €500 billion. Because of our indifference and carelessness, homes and large properties maintenance neglects cost €3.4–5.7 million each year.

Healthy building stock protects us, brings cosiness and also balances out wealth as buildings in bad shape will make us ill and cause us to get into debt. The money we invest in healthy properties will bring security to the next generations. From the beginning, our mission has been to lengthen the lifecycle of the building stock and to ensure the quality of new building projects from the very beginning.

Responsibility is environmental work

Over the years, we have developed numerous real estate and household energy efficiency services and inspections with which we help our customers to reduce the financial investments in energy and also to reduce emissions. A great example of this is the energy savings survey that you can use to resolve properties’ energy saving problems.  Our specialists will examine and present the costs of actions, their payback periods and also savings potentials with simple charts and diagrams, so that the customer will understand the available options.

For example, by installing a ground source heat pump in your property, you can save up to 50–65% in the consumption of purchased energy, and by adjusting the building’s heating systems you can save 5–15% in energy consumption. In the best case scenario, building comfort will improve, costs will decrease and the property’s value will go up after the heating method renovation.

Taking care of each other

It is no coincidence that one of our values are healthy people, because our work is based on expert work. It is very important to us that our employees feel good while working and are thus able to serve our customers to the best of their abilities. Our employees’ motivation and work comfort is improved by, for example, giving them the opportunity to schedule their work to suit their own life situation.

By the end of the year 2019, 26% of our staff were female and 74% male. We have invested in the health of our employees and work capacity insurance, because it reflects in our staff and also in our customers in that they feel good. We have a social responsibility for our stakeholders and their wellbeing.

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