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Sustainable Impact on Properties, People and Environment.

We are the leading Nordic experts in green building, property inspections, certifications, planning and project management. Our specialists support construction and renovation projects of all sizes, helping property owners minimise their life cycle costs and carbon footprint.

Raksystems Group in brief

  • Leading expert in green building consulting
  • Established in 1989
  • Group CEO Tuomas Qvick
  • Over 700 employees
  • Offices in Finland and Sweden


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Green building services

As the leading Nordic expert in green building consulting, we advocate environmentally conscious practices for developers and property owners alike. Our services ensure the building is healthy, safe and energy-efficient, with sustainability seamlessly integrated into the construction or renovation project.

Sustainable property management, environmental classification, cleanliness and health monitoring and energy efficiency improvement for construction and renovation projects.

Inspections & Surveys

Preventive property maintenance ensures the building is healthy, safe and environmentally friendly. Our inspections and surveys, always conducted by seasoned experts using state-of-the-art digital tools, enable property managers and homeowners to make informed decisions, avoid unforeseen expenses and trust that the property will maintain its value throughout the decades.

Structural and building service inspections, surveys and expert evaluations on improving energy efficiency across the lifecycle of the property.

Project services

High-quality construction and renovation projects require a holistic, environmentally conscious approach. Our broad range of services and experienced specialists in design engineering, project management and construction supervision help keep the project on time and within budget, ensuring the functionality and health of the property for decades to come.

Sustainable design, engineering, project management and monitoring for construction and renovation projects.


Raksystems Group has local companies in Finland and Sweden.

Raksystems Finland
Raksystems Finland’s subsidiaries

  • EcoReal
    • Specialists in property and construction business.
  • KnowTek
    • Experts in building services engineering.

Raksystems Sweden
Raksystems Sweden’s subsidiaries

  • Aquademica
    • Specialists in leak and damage inspections and thermography.
  • Byggkonsultgruppen
    • Experts in construction and property inspection.
  • Monomeet
    • Consultants in constructing and managing healthy buildings.

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