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Expertise in sustainable construction, maintenance and research.

We provide expert services ranging from project planning to property transactions.

Our expertise is based on a profound understanding of the property business, construction projects, technical details of buildings and the most recent operating models in the industry. We provide important facts for decision-making and ensure that goals are reached.

Planning and construction are critical stages in terms of the energy consumption and other environmental effects of a property, safety, user comfort and the indoor conditions. Solutions made early on in the process will influence the entire lifecycle of the property.We plan sustainable structures and solutions, with good indoor air as our goal at both the planning stage and the construction stage. We carefully monitor compliance with the plans.

We improve construction quality and support you in the path towards sustainable construction. We assist the owners of buildings in minimising their lifecycle costs and carbon footprint. An environmental certificate is a quality label verified by a third party on the environmental efficiency of a building project.

The lifecycle of a property, which starts when the property is completed, the safety and health of the property’s users, and financial profitability can still be influenced at the operating stage. Condition evaluations and monitoring of building condition will verify cost-effective and sustainable maintenance of properties. We investigate indoor air problems and assist you in the maintenance of good indoor air quality.

The share of energy consumption from the maintenance costs and environmental effects of buildings is significant. The services we provide allow you to find the best solutions for the management and development of energy efficiency.

To secure property transactions and long-term leases, you should investigate the related risks, which may increase the costs, from several viewpoints.The parties of a property transaction being aware of the technical condition of the buildings included in the property and the costs of current and future repair needs is important. Depending on the property, environmental factors involving the plot of land and the site in general may also give rise to major repair needs, i.e. the risk of additional costs.

Also in the case of housing transactions, both the buyer and the seller being aware of the condition of the home being sold is important to avoid future disagreements.

We divide our business into three divisions:

  • Green Building Services
  • Inspections & Surveys
  • Project Services
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