Buildings, people and nature are in the core of Raksystems Group.

With shared values, everything is possible.

People are at the core of our values

Our values reflect the ideals, which we aspire to fulfill in our everyday lives. This applies to our actions towards our customers and each other. We will also succeed in the future, as long as we serve our shared mission together with our agreed values towards being the best in the Nordic countries – every day!

Best service

We want to provide the best service for our customers without compromising quality or objectivity. Satisfied customers always motivate us to do our best. We reply to all enquiries without delay and always take care of our job from start to finish with a professional attitude.

Wellbeing of employee

The cornerstones of the work of our employees are mutual respect and appreciation for each other. To succeed as a team, we must treat each other well. We always assist our colleagues when they need help, often without them even having to ask.

Getting things done together

We are highly motivated, passionate and energetic in our work. We strike when the iron is hot – we do everything just a little bit better than our customers expect. We are efficient and exceed our target values each month.

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