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About us

Our mission is to create healthy properties, people and the environment.

Raksystems Group creates wellbeing to properties, their owners and users, as well as the environment.

We will assist you in finding the best and sustainable solutions for your property and your needs with over thirty years of experience. With our expertise, we know which questions to ask and can guide you to the right path to achieve the best resolution together.

Raksystems Group specialises in green building and property evaluations, inspections and certifications. We design long lasting buildings. With the help of our supervisors and project managers, new construction projects and the renovation of buildings will be successfully taken to the finish line. We ensure safe and healthy living and housing trade.

We offer you different service packages that retain the value of your property and a safe living environment. We are active in our field’s development as the protector of our national property, so that we can develop and support construction and property development.

Our customers mainly include representatives of towns and cities, rental companies, construction companies, real estate investors and developers, private customers, building managers, housing companies, as well as also real estate agents and lawyers.

We have performed more than 150,000 building inspections and surveys, and have had the honour of supervising thousands of renovation projects. Raksystems is involved in more than 20,000 housing transactions and condition surveys per year in the Nordic countries.

As Finland’s and Sweden’s leading provider of environmental certificates for properties and extensive real estate tax surveys, we assist responsible developers and property owners in green construction and property ownership. We have handled the lifecycle, energy and environmental management, as well as the LEED and BREEAM rating control, of hundreds of construction projects.

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Raksystems in brief

  • A leading property wellbeing expert group operating in Finland and Sweden
  • Established in 1989
  • Group CEO Tuomas Qvick
  • 40 offices, of which 21 in Finland and 19 in Sweden
  • 730 experts
  • Net sales 2023E €95 million (pro forma)

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